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15 Mar 2013
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I mentioned I have started juicing in my previous posts, right? And always wondered what I should do with the pulp of the veggies and fruits I juiced. One day, while looking at some food blog, I found Paleo Breakfast-2 ingredient pancakes. And thought it was the most awesome food! It looked delicious and it requires super in-expensive ingredients. And when I mean super inexpensive, I mean I drove over to my bro's apartment and stole a super ripe banana they were gonna throw out anyway. Went home, and made it. So easy! We saved it for the next day's breakfast though because eating a banana is good before running (says the b/f). 

So anyway. I decided that if we can make it with bananas, then we can essentially make it with anything! All the other ingredient really needs is the egg. It's kinda like an omelette. But mixed with stuff. 

The next day, I made it with carrot pulp and  chia seeds. It was A LOT fluffier than the banana version, but also much dryer and airy. I think it might either need less pulp or more eggs for the ratio. But it was still good. Not as sweet as banana though. Hmm... I wonder what it would taste like with bananas AND carrot pulp. Experiment, experiments... 

The ingredients:

And then just cook it as you cook regular pancakes. I didn't use any oil, just medium low heat will give it an even browning on both sides. I feel like oil makes the edge crispy... and I don't like it. 


I saved these for the next day, which I toasted to warm it up and then made a peanut butter and apricot preserve panwhich (pancake sandwhich?). I had some gouda cheese with it. I was really tempted to spread it with Nutella... but decided on being healthy. Yay self-control!

Cheers to eating healthy, cheap, and smart!