04 Mar 2011


Welcome to my narcissus-page, where I can talk about myself and not feel bad about it. But before that, here’s the dirt on me for those that don’t’ care about long-winded introductions:

What is Arvynia? A one-woman fashion business line found by myself. But if you're wondering what the heck the name actually means, you can read more about the name in this blog

I went to the Illinois Institute of Art 2002-2005 and graduated with a BFA in Fashion Design. After graduation, I worked for about a year in a small design store that no longer exists. Then, I applied and got accepted into the JET Programme. I lived in Toyama, Japan from August of 2006 to August 2011 and now am currently residing in the Bay Area of California. In my 5 years in Toyama, I have had experiences being head designer and constructionist in several charity shows, and have, with the help of my friends and community in Toyama Prefecture, produced two very successful charity fashion shows you can read about if you search for the 2010 "Masqued" and 2011 "Runway Epic" fashion shows on this site. I have also expanded, improved, and learned new methods in the field of fashion business and construction.

Currently, I work full time at a job that doesn't pay enough, so I as a hobby and extra income, I like to sell handmade items I design and creat. I like to do costumes for stage shows and custom wear for women. I am expanding to include custom wear for men. Eventually, for children as well. And special niches. Like cosplay, lollita-fashion and the likes.

My dream is to have a big house so I can gut it out and have a small coffee shop on the first floor, my fashion business on the second floor, my slaves in the basement, and myself in the attic.

Feel free to contact me through my contact page. But no spam please.

Extended Version

Oh yeah, I like cooking. Some of my blog is about food, traveling, or just my experiences in Japan as an English Teacher on JET. Or random things. Welcome!

Art, gifted by David Piper of Sunday Ink