04 Mar 2011

Fun stuff:

Shrinkle.com – The blog of Amy, another fellow Vietnamese fashion designer who now has a very successful makeup line. Check it out below. One interesting chick and very inspiring!
Sugarpillshop.com – Amy’s line of vivid colors and pigments that are hard to find anywhere else! I <3 this makeup line!
Steampunkcouture.com – I love steampunk designs. And I love her stuff... she's also pretty entertaining on facebook.
lolitafashion.org – I’m getting a little into lolli fashion. This was where I started.
Lollyvillage.com – Plushies and cute things! This has nothing to do with lolli fashion. She was on JET for a year and got super inspired by all things cute in Japan.

Friends stuff:

Sundayink.com – David, a fellow Toyama JET who is also in the artsy scene. He’s an illustrator and has some pretty cool and interesting inspirations for his pieces, one of them from the Masqued fashion show. ^_^
Sonneskop.com – Sal, another fellow JET who got into photography and did some work for the Masqued fashion show. Check out his sets on flickr from his site!
- Anita, a fellow JET also in Toyama, is an aspiring makeup artist. Currently she does it as a hobby, but she's really getting into it and I am excited to see where she'll take it. Her youtube channel has most of her artistry work.