15 Feb 2012

Okay, I lied.

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My bad. I thought I would have more motivation to update this site. I suck hard. I honestly haven't been touching my sewing machine for the past few months since my October commissions were done. I thought I could knock out one thing at a time and then move along to get this rolling. At this point, about 5.5 months upon returning from Japan, I'm just making excuses and procrastinating. For a while I was busy job hunting. Got a job which was supposed to be just a temporary thing. Now I'm looking for a new job but it's been harder than I thought. I put a lot of time and energy into looking, resume, cover letters, etc. I have to change my game plan because obviously I'm doing something wrong. It only makes me feel slightly better knowing that I'm not the only one in this situation. I know lots of JETs come back to shitty economy and takes them months, even a year, to land a decent job. 

.... I get really frustrated at times. But I just have to keep on plowing cuz that's all I got left to do. I got a new dog I'm responsible for -- A stray/abandon pup that I found outside my dad's place, followed me to my car and laid his head on my lap. I took him home, my bro fell in love with him and we eventually got him taken care of at the shelter and adopted him. He's hella cute but ate a lot of the money I'm supposed to be saving for myself, my business, and my rent money to my bro. lol. Then I have to start at ground zero in trying to get my parents financial assistant for health care. There goes plan A.... life takes you to interesting places. My short term goals have changed, but long term I'm determined to get where I wanna get, but it's gonna be a hard field to plow. It'll be worth it. 

Good news though -- there's definitely lots of opportunities out there. I just need to keep trying. 

This is just a short update. I have backed up a lot of topics that were suppose to be posted here. In due time. Just wanted to let you know I'm still alive. Again.

Here's Chance, the pup.