04 Oct 2011


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I just wanted to pop in and say that I want to be a mermaid!!! 

Hahaha.... I'm still job searching and have finished a couple of resumes and cover letters. Having a few friends and family help me look over it so I don't look stupid on paper. But anyway... I found a job posting on craigslist for children's entertainment as a fairy/mermaid/pirate/etc. It's kinda silly but for some odd reason, I'm super intrigued and actually am seriously considering applying... it just looks hella fun, and definitely something different. Hehe. 

Okay --- I don't know why I felt inclined to share that. Probably because I feel super guilty for not updating for so long. But on a serious and happy note, Ebi finally was able to donate the rest of the money from the fashion show (about 100,000yen) to Toyama Aiikuen and they have sent him a big thank you letter in return. We did good, guys! ^_^ .... nearly three months later. Haha... Still!

I am still enjoying my life in the states. I haven't really felt any reverse culture shock or missed Japan too much right now. Honestly I don't know if I'll ever feel a deep sadness for leaving that place behind. I tend to look forward to the present and the future. Japan will always be there. :) So. Yes. life in the bay area is kinda slow job-wise. There are actually quite a few options for me, it's just a bit hard to motivate myself on sewing projects when I don't have an 'actual' sewing lab to work from. But I'm determined to make do with what I got. I did it in Japan and I can certainly do it here. Social wise I'm doing pretty well... my initial fear of not having an already prepped social network when I moved here, pfftshaw. I never needed to fear. 

Halloween is coming around the corner too -- prime time for me to pick up tons of freelance work. Woot. I'll see how my "sewing lab" *coughcarpetedbedroom* comes along... Okay. I'm going to clean up my room and dream about fairies now.