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31 May 2011
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Taking a break from sewing for a short bloggie. It starts: long nights sewing, bringing it everywhere to work on, and less socializing. It'll only be for three weeks though, so my bad if I have to cancel out on events and stuff last minute. I've been time managing these last few months with social outings but now I seriously cannot afford to. Woot. I got a couple of big meetings with venue and model practices coming up (and I haven't even scheduled in sign making yet! eeps!)... so uh, yeah. 

Anyway, working on a couple of vests now, the corsets for the Whips are nearly done... I'm halfway done, so that means only ..... aboooout 17 more pieces to sew. >_> ;; lol. I may have to cut a few simple things out, but I'm saving that for last. *coughlookingforimps*

So today's post, we're finally revealing the last member of The Flames: Shez -- she's gonna pow wow you. Hard. 

27 May 2011
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Imps imps imps! I love my imps cuz they cook, clean, cut, sew, and entertain  me as I work. :D They are magical!!!

This update is not about the unveiling of another model, but a little sneak peak at my Imps in action! 

The "imps" are my friends  helping me out one day with things that needed to get done.... it was an imp pizza party. Right now I STILL have a lot to do, but at least I'm getting on my shit 3 weeks in advance.... whereas last year was... I just don't remember, it was fuzzy and I just remember being super stressed about getting things done and not sleeping at all!

Tina Imp is the sewer, Hilda Imp is the pinner, Debbs Imp is the boner, and Will Imp is the techie/hand sewer/slacker. 

Update: I added a video of one of our Imps: Debbs Imp! If you can't see it below then please check the Debbie Imp interview here. For some reason chrome browser is buggy and can't show the embedded video -- so if you have firefox, should be fine. 

Oh, about the Scottish Autism Society Debbie mentioned in the end of the video - there will be a "Garage Sales" booth and anything bought from there is going to this charity organization. So please buy some ole' beads or a mask. :P

26 May 2011
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What is Arvynia? I get this question a lot and figured it's about time I write to let the world know what EXACTLY it is. It is unique. It was a name I made up when I was 14 years old, the first or second time I ever signed up for AOL. And since then I have always used that name for signing up for anything. For me, it's a very personal and meaningful name - alive now for over 10 years and have been with me through many stages of my life since 14. I've decided without a doubt that if  I were to start a brand name for my fashion line, it would be Arvynia. 

When I started thinking about a label to put to my fashion, I couldn't think of anything that clicked, and Van Tran just didn't quite feel like all of me. Many of my friends have told me to use "Van Tran" because it sounded cool and is fun to say, but just didn't feel right. I feel like using my real name would mean that I would enter into high fashion, and that isn't necessarily what I want to do. 

When I started learning about other designers out there, I learned that there are "underground" designers who work under an alias, usually in a very special type of niche. They are not Louis Vuitton, Dolce and Gabana, or Anna Sui. I don't know much about high fashion designers and labels or anything, but I started following some of these underground special niche designers and have found that they all have something similar in common: their online alias which they use on sites and message boards slowly and eventually built up to become their brand name. Especially if they were involved in conventions for cosplays and such. Some good examples are Adella and Lillyxandria. What do THEIR names mean? They may have their own pesonal reasons, but it's what they go/design under, an alter ego, if you will. 

I felt this was the direction in which I wanted to build my brand. What kind of niche? I've dabbled a lot in everything and I love to experiment. I don't exactly specialize in nor am I an expert in anything I do, I'm always learning. I've done pieces from simple costumes to cosplay, to period pieces and come to the 3 C's of my own personal design niche: Costumes, Corsets, and Custom Wear. 

As of right now, that is what I feel most comfortable with. So... there it is! "Arvynia -- Your body is my canvas, Fabric is my medium.

This was my old logo/business card, designed by my friend Dai:

23 May 2011
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Ug ug... This is gonna be a quick one cuz I NEED TO MAKE DINNER GAWD it's almost 10 and I didn't even eat lunch today. frown So, we are unveiling TWO gangstas today:

Hilda, The Flames, and Jarrad, The Guns. Click on their image to go see their video interview. 


And... I've been working really hard lately on the flyers and tickets and such, with all the help from Val, Trevor, our photographer Ryuichi, Will in designing and translation and Takuma in checking translations and everyone in the world god I am so hungry I can eat the keyboard but here it is the flyer... durrrr, click on image to see full size.  Ticket is watermarked. 

Peace out for now. I'm gonna eat my pasta, just burnt my tongue... then shower and do some corsetery sewing. Yes yes yes... take pictures... 

19 May 2011
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This past Sunday, Tiffany, Debbie, and I went to Kanazawa to Loli. Loli is a verb now that I use - it means we dressed up in Lolita clothes and walk around being cute and taking pictures, having drink and cake sets and shopping and doing purikura. 

This was my second time doing Lolita and I went Victorian. The outfit was bought from Bodyline in Tokyo when we did Loli in Harajuku. Bodyline is awesome for beginner Loli because it's so cheap and has a variety of Loli style you can experiment in without spending loads of money. My first time I did Lolita, was a Wa-Lolita, which means "Eastern" -- ie. Asian style. Here I am with Tiffany, my Lolita partner, because doing it together is more fun. :P 

I originally only had one outfit when I started, but on that day in Tokyo I bought... not 1, not 2, but 3!!! New lolita outfits, all of varying styles. Lolita outfits are so expensive sometime that generally, you choose a style/color theme that fits you best and stick with it. However, I wanted to try a bit of everything... and Bodyline is awesome for that because they have whole outfits sales, rather than buying piece by piece. So if you're hardcore Lolita you can spend over 100bucks on a lolita shirt. I'm not even going to talk about how much a name brand lolita dress costs. A lot. 

Anyway, we frolicked on Sunday, Tiff, Debs, and I. Did the typical Lolita stuff. I spent over 100bucks that day. Frolicking in Japan is expensive, yes it is.