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I Totally forgot what number we are on... and I JUST REREAD my last blog. *sigh*

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA It's tomorrow!!! By this time tomorrow, maybe I'll still be asleep. Or maybe I'll be up and showering and getting ready to get shit to the venue! Huzzah. 

Um... So I went to bed again last night at 2am and woke up at 6 and started sewing. I am finding that this is much more efficient than pulling all nighters. As long as I can go lay in bed and review what I have to do next, get a few hours of rest, then wake up and tackle all the taskie. So... All the main stuff is cut out and partially made. I just actually have to finish it!! I think things are going well... Eeps I sitll have to finalize the last part of our skit, but at least the powerpoint is done, and it just needs tweaking. *gulp*

EXCIIIIIITE!!!! ANXIOUS!!! SCAREEED!! HAPPY!!! WORRIEEEEED! Hungry. Damnit when's lunch? I forgot to eat my banana this morning. 

Here's a fun little ditty of me trying to be cool, but failing miserably. I need to make more polished videos. Lawl. Maybe you can learn something from here, like what I use to bone your corset.... and what one man's trash can become MY TRASHY Mannequin. Ahem. And a-men to Charity Show for leftover posters. Thank you, Rachel and Shez. 

16 Jun 2011
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Oh yeah... I forgot to tell you how the Tulip TV shot went. It was a hellalot faster than I thought. We went in there, sat down with some tea and flyers on the table and "pretended to talk and discuss" the fashion show -- they were just taking thes shot to show us "working hard" or something...

Then we had a 30 second block to tell people when, where, what time, and to come. While Debbie the Imp modeled one of our jackets. Then we were out. It all took 15 minutes. 0.o; I tired to tape it on my camcorder, but there was no good place to stand it and the producer and cameramen were in a rush so I didn't have time to find a place. Sorry! I hope maybe Ebi was able to record it on his phone...if not, zannen!

However, just yesterday when I was doing PR for the event around my school after our last class, one of the students came up to me and said she saw me on tv and she wants to go. I'm actually doing some sort of promo at my school -- because it's my last year and I'm the designer -- I told my students that as students of the designer, they don't have to pay. Instead, if they come, I'll essentially pay for them. So the more student that comes to support, the more money goes into the charities., So no one loses. Not even me. How the hell is that about? Well, it's all about the mindset. :P

The thing is, I've always had the intention of producing this fashion show all for charity. Sure, I do spend a bit of money on buying materials and stuff, but I get that back with the commissions that I receive (I don't make a profit off it, it's more like me being reimbursed) -- I don't think of it as money that I already have. So instead of that money going to me, it will just go to charity. And I am peachy with it. Besides, it means more to me that more of my students come than getting reimbursed. It is my babeh event anyway. :D

So, my students have a VIP list. Ngawwww don't they feel speshul. I must say I got that idea from Tiffany, who is also doing the same for her students. I just hope that not all 300+ of my students go. 0.o;; lol. 

Anyway, the last of The Whips: 

New challenger Xue -- she may look sweet and innocent, but she has some Wushu under her belt. 
Last but not least, your all time favorite baker in Toyama, Kristyn!!! Hahaha, you didn't think she had that spunk and kick-assery in her did you? Wait, you did? Well, never mind, now you can see her in action and all her glory fierceness. 
Those are the gangs! Remember that for the show, it's encouraged you guys dress up in your gangsta gears, and better yet, dress up to represent which gang you want to be the last surviving!

Here's the description from facebook invite:

See the three gangs of Toyama duke it out for an epic show of love, hate, and betrayal. 

The Whips: The smokin' burlesque groups of the wild wild west, armed with corsets and enough sex appeal to kill. Are they a group though? Or just cats looking for a fight? Their style? Corsets, skirts, bustles and hair clips. 

The Flames: Bitches on stage. They may come from different backgrounds, but you can tell they have one goal: Kick'n your ass, and lookin' damn good while doing so. What they sport: Jackets and accent prints that came from the far east and flowers in their hair. They are girls, after all, you know. 

The Guns: These guys know how to pull YOUR trigger. Don't fall for their sass. They're as smart, sexy, and sharp as the weapons they wield. Their body, a host for collared vests. 

And what about me? I am still not sure who'll I'll be reppin! Maybe all three. I'll see if that is possible....
16 Jun 2011
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3 days!!! What a crazy week. I got sick Monday night because I drank spoild coffee. You know... having caffeine is more important than the spoiled taste of coffee. I thought my tummy can handle it but I was wrong. :( Epic fail. 

So Tuesday was sports day and I sat my butt out in the sun, sunbathing of course. I didn't get a chance to take much pictures, because my camera got filled up with videos of their cheering performance. Booooo! But I did get the chance to hang out with some of the students and stuff, that was nice. One of the event was "Club Relay" which is basically the clubs running together -- and they must have some short of skit as they ran. The Tea Club all dressed up in maid costumes and performed little short dance numbers, the brass band did a really cute dance number, the baseball team had some members paint their faces like a baseball and were running around sliding everywhere -- another club had a small play with a princess, a monster, and a hero.... but I didn't notice what was going on, sooo many things happening at once. So I gave the club my vote for biggest impression. I thought it was a collective voting by the teachers, and it was. But my school decided to give the Brass Band a special "Vannie Award" ... that came as a surprise. Hahaha. But the students were sooooo happy. 

Well, that's uh, not about the fashion show. So about the fashion show. Doing my best. Wanna hear another epic fail? Last night I almost couldn't function so I decided to take a nap. I set up my alarm in the room and everything, but.... yah you guessed it. Never went off. I woke up at 6am and was like, wtf. I checked the alarm and I think the battery had been dying.. 0.o;; Epic fail. So.... with that time lost... I woke up, got pretty, ate breakfast and sewed some in the morning. I got quite a bit done in that 40min. Maybe I should start waking up early to sew. Even though I lost time, I do feel amazing and not tired. It kinda sucks that I had to cut out some things I wanted to make, but at the same time, it's hard managing everything else going on in my life -- work wise. I've definitely bite off more than I can chew, but in the end, it'll all be good. It's not like there is any pressure to finish all that I had plan -- as long as each model has something to wear this year, it'll be a step up from last year. 

Sooo.... I have been lagging about updating the rest of the gang members, but thanks to Jon Dao for putting it up. Now you can see it all here too, if you haven't already. 

The last of The Guns member, Trevor the enforcer. Hear him talk about... well, himself and other ways that he's involved in the show. :D

And here, I lied. This is Matt,  the REALLY last of The Guns, and coy Kelly, The Whips. The couple here to tell you their opinions on fashion, the show from last year, and Harry Potter. A little bit. 

Annnnnnd a new challenger, Sally from The Whips. She's cute and bouncy and you can learn more about her and what she thinks of fashion!

I am going to break this post in two. To be continued in #9.... 


08 Jun 2011
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I wonder how many Runway Epic posts this show will end up with. We're on number 7 now and still got a bit more to release! I got exactly 10 days to get my shits together. I knocked out three patterns the other night and cut out four garments. Pew pew pew.... sometimes I forgot how time consuming cutting is. Especially when I am too lazy to make a million tiny pieces of pattern (That is also very time consuming...) so I just "recycle" patterns by using tracing pa.... well, you probably don't know what the hell I'm talking about and it's probably boring to you too!

Anyway, Ebi-Fry got us a spot on Toyama's local Tulip TV channel on Thursday, June 9th, around 6 or 7,  to advertise for our event. Huzzah! Debbie's is coming with me and she's gonna be the model imp! Yay for Debbums! I had left a note on her fb page about coming with me to the TV station, expecting a "no" -- I wasn't sure how she felt being in public tv, and she said yes. Hesitantly... and probably grudgingly, but she said yes! This makes perfect sense as I don't have to run around asking the actual models to come in, since it's last minute and most likely they are busy! Muahahaha, I am exploiting and milking Debbie Imp for all she is worth, for sure! So I'm soooooo in debt to the bitch. She will have my first born... rabbit. If I ever breed rabbits. 

One of my friend, Daiiji has told me he's getting his friends to come to the show, and that some of them own clothing shops and were interested in buying my clothes! Woot! It's sooo flattering. <3 However I am leaving Japan come end of August so I may not be doing too much clothes while between after the show and then... but I told him they can keep in touch with me if they like and we can work something out in the future. Who knows... maybe I'll end up back in Japan. buahahaha.... 

It's been pretty intense lately with the fashion show coming up, and also this year's Toyama International Charity Show "Dance Royale" (which I'm not taking any part of) is happening on July 1st and 2nd -- and some of our models/member from the fashion  show are also in the charity show, so they're suuuupa busy too.  Ganbatte guys, ganbatte! 

... (15 minutes later). Whao, I just checked out the Toyama International Charity Show website, and they've finally updated it! It looks really exciting and I can't wait to go see it this year! For once I do not have to be a part of the show (well, not that being a part of it is bad) -- I've always been backstage and always had to watch it from the dressing room. But this year I can enjoy it all live! Hurray! 

Anyway --- on to the unveiling of the models. This week we got two! They are both from The Guns group. Two sexy men, Will Moore and Ryan Pruitt!




03 Jun 2011
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Yay! Happy Friday! 

Glad that it's the weekend and I look forward to sewing till I drop! But at the same time feeling anxious cuz it means the date is getting closer and I still got lots to do. I have just found out that some people were thinking about dropping by to help me with stuff. At first I was like, "Ehhhh... I really DO like the help but I really only need max 3 people at a time" -- if I have more than that... my apartment can only fit so much fabric and people will get things done so fast that I won't have anything left for them to do (isn't that a good thing?) --- so if you plan on helping me (yes!) please just let me know in advance so I can  prioritize tasks. Hurray for imps!

Guh, the hour has never been so slow before. I just wanna get outta here! I still have about 25 minutes left. And I am tired but high at the same time. Oops I need to get new contacts today -- I've been out the past three days and been wearing dailies (3days in a row) so... I hope I don't get eye infection, but it feels fine. And I'm only wearing it because I'm desperate! What... that twitch in my eye? O, that's normal. 

The stacks of fabrics in my apartment have slowly but surely been dwindling: sign of progress. I only need to make a few more patterns I hope to knock out and get cut this weekend. Huzzah. Awrights, I'll stop jumping all over the place here in this blog, but ... you know I recently updated the "about me" page... but never thought about doing a video before until Debbie told me I should. So I did. It is a video taken by Will, with some of his own question. As you can see, I am wearing my "I <3 Fukushima T-shirt" which you can get anywhere in the world from this site: DO IT!! I got a black one (duh, you probably know), but now I kinda want a white one. :D Oh --- the money from buying the t-shirts goes to Fukushima's disasterer relief.  hu hu hu....