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I made a duct tape dress form a few weeks ago. My friend Maple helped me. I used myself as a model. It was actually really fun and we barely had enough tape to finish. I didn’t think making a dress form took so much tape! If you guys wanna learn how to do it, there’s tons of tutorials online. Just google “duct tape dress form”…. sorry if I had the exact link, I’d post it, but knowing how lazy I am… cheeky

…alright alright, I went and searched it for you, so here is “how to clone yourself.”

And while I’m feeling googlie, here’s a vid on youtube on duct tape dress form. They didn’t show how to get things smooth, but I would assume that there are some clipping and snipping on the tape to form it around the body, since the body is curvy rather than straight. But who knows…

I only have the cast now, so I have to make an inside stabilizer… wouldn’t want the form to collapse on itself. I think I’m going to use A pole of some sort and a wooden hanger, because those have the natural arc to them.

For the inside, people say to use batting, but batting here in Japan is ridiculously expensive for a small amount. Or maybe I just think that way because I never actually went shopping around for batting in the US? …. Nah. It’s expensive here. Everything’s expensive here! Their muslin cost twice as much over here, and there’s no such thing as $1.00 per yard muslin… I only need them to do test fitting, and I’m not willing to spend 500yennies per meter on them.

So I filled the form with packing peanuts… make sure I stuff it REAL good. Inside, I glued a bra padding where my boobs are, so that I can stabilize that part. We’ll see how it all works.

I’ll take progress pictures as I finish it up… this is a shitty piece of unofficial semi-tutorial but whatever! It’s my first time making a dress form, so we’ll see what will work for me (and maybe you) and what won’t.

Here’s me still in it…. I’ll take pictures of it when it’s completely done.


Oh, and I finally found a decent fabric shop in Toyama! I was soooo happy! It’s in the next city though, about 20 minute train ride, but at least I don’t have to to all the way to Tokyo to get simple stuff. And they have muslin for about 200yen here, which is very very decent compared to other prices I’ve seen. Yey!

PS. I will update the site soon with more stuff and new layout. Sorry been busy (ie lazy).